Slasher Kart 64 Cartridge Game For Nintendo 64 N64 NTSC-U/C US

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NOTE: This game requires the N64 Ram Expansion Pack to play the game


Do you want to play a game? Then start your engines and prepare yourself for a killer time.
Created as a love letter to slasher films and retro gaming. Enjoy the thrill of this homebrew hack of the classic game, Mario Kart 64, with the chills of your favorite slasher films. Play as one of your favorite cult classic characters (Jason, Freddy, Michael Meyers, Leatherface, Regan, Ghostface, Pennywise or Chucky) as you race through the rethemed classic tracks you know and love. 

This is a fan-made parody and has no affiliation with Nintendo or any of the licensed properties referenced. All rights belong to the respected license holders. 

Please note, this game requires the N64 Ram Expansion Pack (red cartridge) for the game to play on your Nintendo 64.