Hot Wheels City Batman

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  • Hot Wheels City Batman villain sets for igniting their imagination and saving the city!
  • The Joker Funhouse includes The Joker mini-figure and swinging mallets plus a Batmobile.
  • The Killer Croc Sewer Escape set includes a Killer Croc mini-figure and a ramp to take the Batmobile down fast to avoid the huge crocodile and save the day.
  • The Mr. Freeze set will need kids to liberate the Gotham City police and defeat the DC villain!
  • Limitless storytelling opportunities with sets that connect to each other and other Hot Wheels city sets for epic adventures.
  • Batman Repair Bunker Play Set where kids can go to fuel up and fix the Batmobile. Use the special platform to take the car to the next level and launch into the next adventure!
  • Each set has its own features, mini-figure, and Batmobile.