GameBoy Flash Cartridge EZ-FLASH Junior, Game Card With Real Time Clock

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1. Support For GB / GBC games
2. Load the game quickly, copy and play without burning
3. Support real clock(RTC)
4. Support soft reset
5. Support the maximum game ROM: 64mbits
6. Support maximum archive size: 1mbits
7. Support various commercial ROM boards: Mbc1, Mbc2, mbc3, mbc5
8. Support Gameboy, Gameboy pocket, Gameboy color, Gameboy advance / SP, backlight change and rechargeable battery
9. Built in SoC level recovery mode to prevent crash
10. Support microSD in FAT32 format (4-32gb)
11. Support firmware and kernel upgrade, and more function expansion in the future
12. Design with replaceable battery
13. Beautiful and safe side insert spring design

Brief instructions for junior:

1) FAT32 format tfcard, cluster size: 32K
2) Download the kernel "ezgb. Dat" on the official website and copy it to the root directory of tfcard
3) Copy game to tfcard
4) Power on to enter the menu, select the game and press a to run it directly
5) Press Select to switch menus for setting
6) Press the middle part of EZ junior entity card to soft reset to the menu


Copy the game as follows to ensure normal use:
1) The total number of files / folders in the root directory of tfcard cannot exceed 32 (including. DAT files and Saver folders)
2) The number of files in a single folder in the root directory cannot exceed 100

Package included:

1*EZ-FLASH Junior For GB/GBC