Edifier S2000pro Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers - Near-Field Active Studio Monitor Speaker

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Elegant Design

A set of speakers made for your home theater setup. Bringing cutting edge sound technology and marrying it to a classic style from the past.

Flat Diaphragm Tweeter Aluminum Cones

Enjoy the advantages of a flat diaphragm. This provides a fast response rate and enjoy the advantage of excellent high frequencies. The woofers are made from aluminum that produces a unique and clear sound.

Inputs and Control Knobs

The rear panel of the S2000Pro contain a fully featured set of controls and inputs. RCA inputs are available for both RCA and RCA to AUX connections. Experience high definition audio through either the optical or coaxial connection. XLR inputs allow you to connect the S2000Pro to a mixer for those more advanced in audio technology. Comes with 16-foot/5-meter connecting cable.

  • USES HIGH-END AUDIOPHILE COMPONENTS - Built with flat diaphragm tweeters and 5.5 inch woofers, the S2000pro represents the top of the line powered speakers for home or studio use
  • BLUETOOTH WIRELESS - Bluetooth 4.0 support with aptX decoder makes playing high fidelity audio from your mobile devices at ease.
  • OPTICAL/COAXIAL INPUTS - Connect S2000pro via toslink or spdif connection for lossless digital audio streaming. AUX inputs via dual RCA or dual XLR ports at the back.
  • INCLUDES REMOTE - A large remote control with clearly labeled buttons is included for convenience.