Dreamcast GDEMU SD-Card Optical Drive Replacement Board Kit with Adapter

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Product Features:

1. Sturdy and durable

2. Improves ventilation and heat dissipation

3. Extension for GDEMU SD card

4. Perfect fit for replacing the Dreamcast optical drive in VA-1 models

5. SD card memory card slot

6. Quick switch game button


GDEMU Board Features:

Version GDEMU: V5.15b

- GDEMU optical drive simulation board reduced console noise and improves load time

- Easy to installation without any soldering required

- Repairs faulty optical drives in the VA-1 consoles

- Capable of running GDI and CDI images.

Only suitable for VA1 motherboard

Instructions: watch the video below detailing the unboxing of your unit as well as the necessary steps for installation.


Notes: you will need to download the GDEMU firmware at the link listed below and place in a folder on your SD card. An SD card is not provided and will need to be purchased separately. The SD card should be formatted to FAT32 before placing the firmware on to the SD card. A folder titled "01" should be created for the firmware on the SD card. The roms should be placed in folders in numerical order, ie. "02" followed by "03" and so on.