The Lumineers - The Lumineers, Vinyl Record

The Lumineers - The Lumineers, Vinyl Record

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The Lumineers, a folk-rock trio out of Denver, Colorado, have a pretty interesting sound, an Americana mesh of folk, rock, and gospel that is similar in tone to the Waterboys, say, or an alt-folk version of Bob Dylan circa Desire, thanks in no small part to Neyla Pekarek's inventive cello. And there are some very good tracks on this debut album, including the chamber honky tonk of "Dead Sea," the delightfully goofy but then ultimately sad and elegant "Submarines," and "Stubborn Love," which manages to be bright and chiming while also being haunting and mournful. Not everything here clicks together at that level, but each track is inventive, and when the songwriting and arrangements cross paths perfectly, as they do in the above songs, this is a delightful band. ~ Steve Leggett


Artist: The Lumineers

Manufacturer: Dualtone Music Group

Released: 05/01/2012


Flowers in Your Hair

Flapper Girl

Morning Song

Classy Girls


Dead Sea

Ho Hey

Slow It Down

Stubborn Love

Big Parade

Charlie Boy