beyerdynamic PRO X M90 Side Addressed Condenser Microphone and Accessories

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Trusted sound in every recording

With the M 90 PRO X true condenser microphone, beyerdynamic presents a product that can be used universally and offers the highest sound quality. The microphone for home, project and studio recording is ideally suited for recording vocals, and instruments and speech. The microphone delivers an exceptionally low-noise signal, making it possible to record nuances rich in detail. The clear, voluminous and particularly detailed sound make the M 90 PRO X the optimal choice for all creators.

M 90

M 90

M 90 PRO X

condenser microphone
Are sensitive and deliver a higher output voltage, therefore they can be used with every mixing desk or audio interface, regardless of preamp quality
Vocal and spoken word application
Pick up a lot of detail and even very quiet sounds. They are perfect for musical vocal recording or voice-overs
Sound properties
Filigree and especially at high frequencies finely resolved sound
Primary use
home-recording, studio-recording