beyerdynamic PRO X M70 Professional Front-Addressed Dynamic Mic w/ Accessories

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Trusted sound in every recording

The dynamic M 70 PRO X broadcast microphone delivers the very best sound for streams and podcasts. An assertive, speech-optimised sound, a shock-mounted capsule, perfect attenuation of popping sounds and the well-crafted design meet the requirements and needs of today’s creators. Equipped with an XLR connector, the M 70 PRO X is the perfect choice for streamers, podcasters and YouTubers.

M 70
M 70
M 70 PRO X
dynamic microphones
Sensitivity Are less sensitive but also handle all kinds of loudness without distortion, which comes in helpful for screaming vocals or very close proximity talking
Vocal and spoken word application Pick up what's directly in front of the microphone and supress pop-noises or invironmental noises, which is perfect for podcasting or streaming
Sound properties Assertive sound, high feedback immunity and insensitive to impact or handling noise
Primary use streaming and podcasting