beyerdynamic M88 TG Dynamic Microphone With Hypercardioid Polar Pattern

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The M 88 TG by Beyerdynamic is a dynamic microphone for vocals, bass drums, and studio use, capturing emotive audio signals like no other. Incorporating a new low mass diaphragm element, the M 88 TG is perfect for the kick drum. (For this application, the use of an external popshield like PS 88 or WS 59, both sold separately, is strongly recommended). Sound engineers have found that the lightning fast transient response of the M 88 TG microphone reproduces the complex sound patterns of this instrument resulting in the tight "thump" without the need for complicated signal processing. This characteristic works equally well on other instruments especially where intricate low frequencies and their harmonics need to be captured. The M 88 TG is also impressive as a vocal microphone, for brass and windwood instruments, and in a broadcast environment. The M 88 TG is one of the most frequently specified microphones by sound engineers worldwide and heralded as a Beyerdynamic contemporary classic. Since 1924 Beyerdynamic has remained a German family owned company committed to continuous research and innovative developments for the audio market. All over the world, Beyerdynamic is known for the use of the latest technologies and a high quality standard. All Beyerdynamic products are made in Germany.