GameBoy Advance Flash Cartridge, EZ-Flash Omega Real Time Clock Flash Support 128GB Micro SD TF

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1. GBA game can be copied and played without client patching.
2. Built-in high-speed patch engine, the game loads instantly; there is also a manual patch engine, can be compatible with various modified ROM files.
3. The original hardware archiving directly saves to the SD card, no battery is needed for saving.
4. Support connecting finger.
5. Instant archive.
6. Support Real clock (RTC).
7. Additional function hot keys can be customized.
8. 256Mb high-speed PSRAM, load instantly, play all games smoothly.
9. Built-in 512Mb high-speed Norflash storage to save frequently played games.
10. For GB/GBC/NES games can be played directly by copying to SD card, no need to bundle the emulator.
11. The chip has a built-in safe recovery mode to ensure that it will not crash.
12. Support FAT16/FAT32/EXFAT, 2GB-128GB SD card.
13. Both the cassette master firmware and kernel can be upgraded.

 Package included:

1*EZ-FLASH Game Cartridge Card