beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro Over-Ear Semi-Open Studio Headphone

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The Studio Classic

A tried and tested design - popular with the professionals and music lovers alike.

Professional users all over the world have relied on our classic series for years: DT 770 / 880 / 990 PRO. As a studio reference they shone with detailed resolution and a very transparent sound.

The DT 880 PRO is the semi-open studio headphone with its natural and neutral sound, perfect for long monitoring and mixing sessions in comfort due to the permeable ear-cup design.

The reference for the studio

The wide stereo image and balanced, transparent sound makes the DT 880 PRO a reliable reference point in the studio and a trusted companion for producers and audio engineers. The DT 880 PRO is a reliable tool for studio monitoring, mixing and mastering, as the highly sensitive transducers ensure the smallest adjustments in panning, EQ or dynamics can be easily heard.

Outstanding Neutral Sound

The headphone has a unique spaciousnessy due to the semi-open design, so it has a very clear and wide stereo image. The sound is much more 3-dimensional than the sound of the DT 770 PRO. The DT 880 PRO impresses with its depth and detail even at low volumes. It reproduces soundtracks without colouration, providing optimal positioning of sonic elements in the mix so that every nuance can be heard clearly.

  • Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro Professional Studio Headphones. Semi-open, diffuse-field studio headphone. Analytical sound.
  • Comfortable fit due to rugged, adjustable, soft padded headband construction. Robust, easy serviceable construction as all parts are replaceable.
  • Single-sided cable. Velour, circum-aural (around the ear) ear pads. Supplied in a nylon carrying case. Transmission type Wired. Headphone design (operating principle) Semi-open.
  • Headphone design (operating principle) Semi-open. Headphone impedance 250 ohms. Headphone frequency response 5 - 35.000 Hz. Nominal sound pressure level 96 dB.
  • Cable & plug Coiled connecting cable with mini-jack plug (3.5 mm) & ¼“ adapter (6.35 mm). Net weight without packaging 295 g.